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Living in the Prairies, I don’t get to see the kaleidoscope of Autumn colours as the East or the West coast. The fall plethora of fiery red foliage remains only a longing. Indeed, an Autumn road trip through the New England states has yet to be realized.

The default colour here is golden yellow with a dash of rusty orange. While less dramatic, I do feel a personal connection. I’ve learned to appreciate our Autumn… simple, crisp and clear, minimal glamour, not ostentatious. Above all else, we always have the big blue sky.

After attending TIFF in Toronto, I came home to the aftermath of a debilitating snowstorm. Power down, trails closed, thousands of trees destroyed. That was only the first week of September.



and bent. A Wabi-sabi moment:


Autumn eventually shows its beautiful side… golden leaves spread like wild fire:

Wild fire

Blue and yellow go well together:

Blue & Yellow 1

Blue & Yellow

Canada Geese take their leave:

Canada Geese

This young buck feels right at home:

Young Buck

But a most delightful find for me is spotting a host of Yellow-rumped Warblers still lingering at the pond, albeit the next day when I went back there, they were gone:

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Here’s one munching on a bug:

Warbler munching on bug

This one a little camera shy:

Shy one

How do I know they are Yellow-rumped Warbler? Here it is… the yellow rump:

Yellow rump

With this my first sighting of the Yellow-rumped Warblers—albeit hard to capture in photos—I’ve had a fruitful harvest.


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