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I don’t have to dream of a white Christmas. I’m living it. Today is the first day of winter, but we already have a few blizzards, and record snowfall.

In June we had our hundred-year flood. And now we have our hundred-year snowfall. According to records, the last time we had this much snow in just 16 days was in 1901, 112 years ago.

You might think life is arduous up here, but I tell you, it can be idyllic. Except for the traffic jams in and out of shopping malls at this time of the year, we’re a relatively happy lot. What more, being so close to Nature, I’m always delighted to see how contented our neighbours in the wild are, oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the Season.

Here are some photos I took in the last few weeks.

Snow-covered river banks:

Snowcovered river bankProof of life (and I don’t think they’re all human footprints):

Proof of LifeDid they ever show you how to identify a Mallard’s track in scouting? No? Here it is:

Mallard's Footprints

Galore of duck activities:

Duck Activities

… or inactivity:

Penguins look-alikes

Icy landing:

Landing in the Icy Water

I was elated to see something else other than the common Mallard. At first I thought it was a Sandpiper, but when I checked in my bird book later at home, I learned that it was a Killdeer. Amazing, for they are supposed to be in the American south by now. Guess somebody wants to linger a while longer in the snow and ice:

Killdeer On Ice

Traffic jam in the sky. Not quite a perfect V? You have to cut them some slack, they are Mallards, not Canada Geese.

Traffic Jam in the Sky

A solitary walk for this buck crossing the icy river. No jam here:

Buck at the RiverAnd deep in the snow, a few good folks had left some bird seeds. For the Woodpecker, it’s always tempting to go for fast food rather than to peck wood, especially when there’s no line-up:

Fast Food for Woodpecker

What’s Christmas without a little snow?


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