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Why did the Pheasant cross the road?

  • To test Arti’s reaction time.

How did the Pheasant cross the road?

  • Ignoring traffic, thought he had the right of way. (Although I must mention there was just one car on that quiet road.)


So, I passed the test, parked the car quickly, then started stalking him. Just like in the movies…

From a distance, he knew someone was following him, so he quickened his step. And the stalker, with no lightpost to hide behind, picked up the pace but ever so quietly, camera in hand.

From a distance, these photos were taken, just in time for Saturday Snapshot:

Running Pheasant

Running Pheasant 1Male PhaesantI decided to spare him after a few minutes. He was almost in a panic of being followed, albeit from a distance. I’d never seen a bird so colourful and with so long a tail.

After I got home and did some researching and asking, I learned that I had sighted a male Ring-necked Pheasant, the blue-backed variety, which was supposed to be quite rare, at least, rare in my neck of the woods.


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