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The sun and the birds are the main reasons for going into the woods in January. These are common birds for us, but catching a good photo of them is always a challenge. That’s when the common becomes a joy.

The Northern Flicker, I know where they hang out. And they’re not too hard to photo when perching or pecking.

Northern Flicker pecking

But what I’ve been aiming for is when they fly, I can shoot from below, for the orange underwing is beautiful. I’ve spent frustrating hours wading and standing in deep snow just to wait for such a moment. Here’s a semi-successful one.

Northern FlickerThis is my first photo of a Common Redpoll. Look at her demure pose.


This Red-Breasted Nuthatch is easy. She comes near me as if to greet a friend:

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

And for all ye squirrel lovers, here’s another one, too oblivious to be bothered by me taking pictures of her (him?) having breakfast. Look at the open mouth:

Squirrel at breakfast


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