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Just a mere two weeks ago, I was taking an Autumn walk, where I enjoyed a feast of sight and sound.

But now, besieged by a snow storm two days ago, we have been made captives by the fierce side of nature.  We skid through icy roads and make it home only to perform our due diligence, the removal of mountains of snow on our driveway and sidewalk.

After two days, I am determined to break out of this physical and psychological confinement.  If we are to have winter in November, so be it.  Might as well embrace nature in all her facets.  Donning a toque, gloves, winter jacket and snow boots, I ventured out earlier today.  Here are some of the sights:

As I treaded through knee-deep snow, I came upon the place where I spotted my deer friend munching on his foliage just two short weeks earlier.  And even just a few days ago, I saw his clan scavenging the dry grass.  Where could they be hiding in this minus 15 C temperature?  What would they have for supper? Where and how do they sleep at night with the fierce wind blowing at even colder minus 20’s?

Just then the sun broke out through the overcast sky,  I seemed to hear my deer friend saying: Don’t worry about us.  We’ve gone through numerous winters, and still able to raise a clan.  As long as the sun comes out everyday…

Even the evergreens seemed to be waving at me, you mind your own slippery drive and cabin fever, we’ll be fine.


Yes, as long as the sun comes out everyday, we’ll soon see spring.