Today is Victoria Day, when we Canadians are indebted to Queen Victoria (1819-1901) for a nice, long weekend. For many, it marks the first camping trip of the year, a summer kick-off.  Ironically, it’s usually a weekend with overnight frost and even snow.   So the custom is, plant your garden only after Victoria Day.

To commemorate, I should be watching The Young Victoria.  But, for all these years, I haven’t done anything Victorian on this day.  I guess they did take long walks.  So, I took a stroll along the Bow River.  Just as the day, this is a leisurely post.  Here are some sights I captured, yes again, with my pocket camera.  They’re a bit more cheery than the Mother’s Day outing of the deer family.  What a difference two weeks can make.

The Bow River:

A single flowering tree:

Holiday or not, this is life:

Making a splash is way more fun, especially if you can’t swim:

Spring, summer… green or white, we’ll take what comes:

Photos taken by Arti of Ripple Effects on Victoria Day, 2010.  All Rights Reserved.